Quality Kitchen Worktops - T's & C's

We send someone to take the exact measurements when the order is confirmed to us and you are ready for the template, any price quoted to you, is based on the information you give us regarding your kitchen layout and dimensions.In the event that there is a change in the dimensions, the price will change and we will reserve the right to charge additional cost.

Payment method and the remaining balance must be done via bank transfer, for the supply, delivery, installation and full services require a minimum 50 deposit, when you receive your order and the installation is completed completely, the rest of the balance must be paid in full.

If you decide to cancel your order, we will issue you a full refund of the payment in the event that the measurements were not taken, and in the event that we took the measurement and did not start the fabrication of your kitchen, the deduction of £150 is the template fee will apply, but if your kitchen was fabricated, we will not be able to refund your payment.

Please note that essential, the kitchen cabinet must be level and correct, as well as if it is supported to avoid any inclination or dropping the worktop due to the heavy weight of the worktop. Quality Kitchen Worktop will nottake responsibility in the event of a failure in the base unit or if the work surface is not straight and level 100% because the final results depend on the unit base.

When a specific day is coordinated for installation, someone must be waiting for the installation team in the project, if you want to change the installation date, please inform us within 24 hours before the agreed date, or there will be £150 wasted journey fees in case the team arrives and they do not find anyone or If they cannot install for some reason, the installation will be rearranged in another arrangement to be suitable for both parties. Please note Quality Kitchen Worktop does not take any responsibility if any change occurred in the design of the kitchen on the day of installation.

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